Archdiocese of Boston

Sir Henry C. Luthin, KC*HS
Lady Marianne R. Luthin, LC*HS

Diocese of Burlington

Sir Peter M. Laramie, KC*HS
Lady Elizabeth I. Laramie, LC*HS

Diocese of Portland

Lady Dolores M. Foster, LGCHS
Sir Craig A. Foster, KGCHS

Diocese of Springfield

Sir Frederick W. Piechota, Jr., KCHS
Lady Cynthia C. Piechota, LCHS

Diocese of Providence

Lady Jean Marie Colletta, LCHS

Diocese of Manchester

Lady Doris I. Proulx, LGCHS
Sir Andrew P. Cernota, KC*HS

Diocese of Fall River

Sir Thomas A. Murray, KGCHS

Diocese of Worcester

Sir Harold E. Johnson, KC*HS
Lady Elizabeth Johnson, LC*HS